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Frequently asked questions are below; if you can't find your answer, don't hesitate to contact us.

Here at Technology Locker, we thoroughly install windows and drivers and test all our products to make sure everything is perfect for our customers when they receive it.

But here and there you might hit some problems which we are happy to help out with. Things to try first to help you fix or narrow down the source of the problem before contacting our support staff.

  • Make sure monitor, desktop and peripherals are turned on.
  • All cables are connected and fully settled in its ports. Any cables which are not please firmly push them into its port. Also, try different cables if available.
  • Close all open programs and file and do a reboot of the system. If error continue, please do a “cold reboot” by shutting down the system and remove the power cable. Hold the power button to remove any residual power left in the system. Then leave the system for 5 minutes and try again.
  • If keyboard and mouse is not working, try using a set of peripherals that working or try different ports on the system.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Failed to boot or start

Desktop PC: Reseat RAM modules and try booting PC again.

Laptop: With AC adapter plugged in, perform a Power Cycle by holding power button for 30 seconds, then release and try powering laptop on again.

Power on by itself

Select Start > Type and select “Power Plan” > Select Change Advanced Power Setting> Scroll to “Sleep” and expand menu> Expand Allow Wake Timers> Disable both Plugged in and On Battery.

Enter System BIOS > Select Power Management settings> Ensure the following are disabled:

Wake on LAN, Power on after Power Failure, Wake on Ring, Auto on Time.

Windows Activation Issue:

You have a digital license for Windows 10 or 11 Pro or Home, but you received a message that it hasn’t been not activated. Select Start> Settings> Update & Security> Activation> Select Troubleshooting. Windows should automatically resolve the issue.

You have a product license key with 25-character under the battery of the laptops or on the case of desktops and it hasn’t been activated. Solution: Select Start> Settings> System> Activation> Change windows product key and type the 25-character product keys you found.

  1. Get help with Windows activation errors:
  2. You recently made a significant hardware change. Get help with reactivating Window: s

Battery Issues

  1. Battery is not charging to 100%

Enter system BIOS > Power Management Options > Battery Health manager> Disable charging limit/desktop mode.

  1. Battery not charging issue:
  2. Start by plugging in to see if the LED light shows power going to the laptop
  3. Generate a Battery Report to check how healthy is your battery
  4. Run the troubleshooter: Start> Setting> Update & security> Troubleshoot and Click Power.
  5. Test with Another Charger
  6. Remove all external Devices
  7. Check your connectors for dirt or damage
  8. Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft ACPI battery Driver updates and Check for BIOS and Chipset Driver Updates
  9. Press and Release Power Button Reset by holding down the power button for 15 to 30 seconds, plug in the AC adapter and then start the laptop.
  10. Battery Draining too Fast: Contact us to fix the issue.

Keyboard issues

  1. Problem: Keyboard keys not working or showing different symbols

For example: The ‘@’ symbol won’t appear when pressing the Shift + 2 together

When selecting keyboard layout during windows setup, selecting different layout may cause certain symbols not to work. If selected UK or any other language, you need to change it to ENGLISH (US).

Solution: To resolve the issue, simply type (“edit language and keyboard options”) in the windows bar and change (Windows display language) to English United State or English Australia to change the keyboard layout.

Trackpad Issues

Ensure that Touchpad is enabled:

Select Start> type Touchpad Setting> Ensure Touchpad is “On”

HP laptops: Double tap LED indicator button located on top left-hand side of the Touchpad

USB Docking Station Issues

Make sure your device must support DP 1.4 over USB-C.

Ensure the following have been updated:

  • Latest version of BIOS installed on device
  • Latest version of audio, graphics and LAN drivers installed on device
  • Docking station’s firmware updated
  • All windows updates, including optional updates installed.

Internet Connection Issues

Laptop: Ensure Wi-Fi’s IP & DNS assignment settings are set to DHCP (Automatic).

Desktop: Connect Ethernet cable from Router to PC. If using Wi-Fi, ensure Wi-Fi adapter connect to PC.

Ensure your Wi-Fi router is currently connected to the internet.

Wi-Fi Connection Issues

  1. No Internet Connection on windows

You can fix the issue by checking if Wi-Fi button is switched off on the laptop or if airplane mode is turned on. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on. Select “No internet connection” icon on the right side of the taskbar.

  1. Fix Wi-Fi Connection issues in Windows:,if%20that%20fixes%20the%20problem.

General Order FAQs

Do you customize desktop computers configurations?

Yes, there is a dynamic product upgrade options on each desktop computer listing. There are options for memory upgrade, monitor bundle, graphic card, software essentials, windows USB re-installer for recovery, accessories add-ons. You can add those upgrades and add-ons directly to the cart by choosing your options.

Do you build to order or customized server configurations?

Yes, we do. If you are in need of a specific server configuration, we can quote you on the server and list a custom eBay listing for you. Customized options like number of hard drives, memory, CPU, power supply, network cards, and RAID controllers are available. Please contact to our sales team at

What warranty do you offer?

We offer a 3-month warranty on all our products listed. Sometimes, an item will have manufacturer's warranty still applicable in which case the item description will state this.

Do you offer warranty or returns for Untested or Sold As-Is or for Part Only items?

No. We do not offer any warranty or returns for these items, please read the item description carefully and make sure you want to purchase as there will be no exceptions.

Do you offer combined shipping?

Yes, combine shipping is automatically calculated for most equipment when you purchase multiple items.

What Do I do if I have issues with my item?

Please go to Troubleshooting FAQs page and read the solutions to fix the common issues before contacting our support team. Contact our support team at for your warranty claim by providing photos of the item condition and fault to determine the problem. We will try our best to resolve the issues online first in a reasonable time. 

What do I need to do to claim this warranty?

To obtain warranty service, you must first contact us by providing photos of the condition or fault of the item to determine the problem. Once the product assessment is completed, we will inform you whether your warranty claim or return is accepted. If you have any queries regarding warranty and returns, please feel free to contact us using our online contact support form.

Can I visit your premises to inspect and purchase an item?

No, we do not do walk-in sales. You will need to buy the item through our website. We test and inspect the item two times to make sure everything is perfect for our customers when they receive it.

How can I return a purchased item?

Please contact us first through our support team via contact support form to make sure your return is approved before returning the item to us. After our resolution manager approve the return, you will receive the return shipment label with a return authorisation number (RMA#). This will include return instructions. Please note that return without an RMA number will not be accepted.

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